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Why should I hire a rental property company in the South Okanagan you ask? Two reasons, the first one and the biggest of them all “freedom”. The second reason “peace of mind”. It makes it difficult to take extended vacations or own a property in the Okanagan but live in Alberta or the Lower Mainland because if something goes wrong you could be hundreds of miles away. Owning a rental property in Penticton can be very demanding at times especially if you are a first time property owner. There will be a number of questions you may not know the answers to and lack the knowledge and experience to solve.

 What if my tenants won’t pay?
 How do I start eviction proceedings?
 Do I collect first and last month’s rent?
 How much should I rent my property out for?
 Should I do a lease?
 How do I gain proper access to the building if I need to do repairs?
 How do I do a credit check on the tenants?

These are just some of the questions that may arise when you purchase a rental property in Penticton or the South Okanagan. When you hire Locke Property Management Ltd. you can avoid all of these questions and concerns. We have our own team of experienced, licensed property managers that can handle all court proceedings. We can also handle all the repairs and maintenance on your rental property. This will leave you free to do what you need to get done. All you have to do is collect your monthly statement from the mail box with money that is owed to you from the tenant(s), less maintenance fees and repairs. Let us help you make owning a residential or commercial rental property a more pleasant experience.

Locke Property Management is known for having the most diverse selection of residential rentals and commercial properties in Penticton. With an expansive portfolio of multi-family, single family town homes, commercial properties throughout Penticton, you are sure to find the perfect property!
If you are an absentee owner and require a property manager to manage your South Okanagan investment, Locke Property Management is here for you.

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Our clients are real-estate investors, developers and property owners in the Penticton area. For more then 40 years Locke Property Management has worked collaboratively with these clients to enhance their assets.
As professional property managers we keep up to date with the issues that directly effect the real-estate industry and the properties we manage.

We aim to make your living / rental experience stress free and comfortable by providing quality accommodations, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a 24 hour emergency service.

If you are looking looking to rent a residential property or lease a commercial property… Please contact Locke Property Management to learn more about our vast inventory by one of our Property Management Professionals.

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